Managing Consumables in Elda( Scheduler, Bundle Tags and Manifest)


This Knowledge Base Article outlines the steps to manage consumables throughout production and delivery planning.

Before You Begin

  • Ensure you are logged into the Elda(Chrome). 
  • You need access to Scheduler, Bundle Tags and Manifest.

Process of Consumables

  1. Select the required consumable type for a Job. See our article Selecting a  Consumable in Scheduler for more.
    Projects Team : Consumables allowed on the Clients site are normally Gluts, Bins, and Pre-Slung, as updated through the Scheduler..

  2. How to view the connected consumable items in a line item on Bundle Tag. View added Consumables in Bundle Tags for more.
    PlanningTeam : Checks from Bundle Tags on what items are permitted by the client.
  3. Job consumable items in a line item on Manifest. View added Consumables in Whiteboard for more.
    Production Team:  Checks from Whiteboard inside Manifest and  load the consumables on to the trucks.

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