Automatic Rule based Site Assignment

Using the general rebar rules, it is possible to assign work automatically to devices at different sites within system based on general production rules for the item to be made.

For this to succeed the devices must be configured in the database correctly.

The following points are required:

  • The item being made must have a production rule assigned to it.
  • The primary device for the rule must have a site code and device type set against it.
  • The device at the target site must have the correct site code and a matching device type recorded against it.

The following is an example of Rule Based Site assignment in use and the issues that may be encountered:

The above is an example of where work has not been assigned to the devices at the required target site (the site from which the work is to be dispatched). The manifests are for Ingleburn but the work has been assigned to devices at the main Sydney production centre.

We attempt to re-apply the production rule to the selected manifest, however the work does not move as required:

An examination of the item rule confirms that the item is to be made on the MEP Concept 91-1

Looking at the device setup, we can see that the device does not have the correct device type configured, but the site coding is correct:

We correct the device type and save the changes:

Change the device filter so that all devices can be seen and check the configuration of the required target device:

Once again, the site code is correct, but the device type is not set. Correct this and save your changes.

Re-apply the production rules for the selected manifest again. This time, some work is allocated to the Ingleburn device:

Similarily, we check the device configuration for the MEP Concept 91-2:

The device type is not set. Set the device type and save changes:

Re-applying the device rules for the manifests now moves the balance of work to the required device:

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