Week 01- Quick Elements

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  1. What are the default colours available in Scheduler Quick elements  
    1. Black, White, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Red, Green.
    2. Blue, Orange, Green, White, Pink, Red, Green.
    3. Purple, Blue, Orange, Green, Red, Yellow, Brown, Pink, Black.
    4. Blue, Purple, Yellow, White, Magenta, Brown, Pink, Black.
  2. What are the  elements connected Red colour in Quick Elements
    1. Sundry, Footings, Lift pits, Beam, Columns.
    2. Foundations, Piles, Bored Piers, Bottom Steel.
    3. Columns, Top Steel, Beams, Footings, RC walls.
    4. Walls, Block walls, RC walls, Core Walls, Retaining Walls.
  3. How can you change the colour of an element?
    1. Right-click on the row and select Elements then Reset.
    2. Delete the entire row and start from scratch.
    3. Double-click on the Element column, double-click on the box next to the. Description field and choose a colour.
  4. How can you group items into a new element in the Elda Scheduler
    1. Click on the arrow next to the item and select "New Element"
    2. Press and hold the Ctrl key, click on the rows to be grouped, right-click, and select "New Element"
    3. Double-click on the item and choose "Group Elements" from the menu
    4. Select the items, press the Shift key, right-click, and choose "Grouping"
  5. How can you remove Quick Element status from an Element?
    1. Right-click on the row and choose Remove Quick Element.
    2. Access the Manage Element Types screen.
    3. Click on the arrow under the Indicator Color column.
    4. Select the Element, right-click, choose "Elements," then click on "Remove Quick Element".

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