Troubleshooting: App non-responsive processing


Shortly after clicking Process Direcotry, Delivery Docket Scanner goes non-responsive


Problem with file

One cause is the app cannot process the file 

This is one example of a file. Perhaps it was the rotation of the document as it was scanned.


Problem with file

  1. Open Parameters
  2. Switch to the Company Information tab
  3. Switch to the File Locations tab
  4. Note the Delivery Docket Location
    In this example, the delivery docket location is \\ntdc03bbpr\Data\Delivery Dockets
  5. Open Explorer
  6. Go to the locaiton
  7. Move the a file to another location
  8. Close Delivery Docket Scanner
  9. Open Delivery Docket Scanner
  10. If the issue remains, restore the file and move another. Return to step 7.

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