Week 03 - Use Advanced Pricing to Update Prices on Multiple Schedules on Multiple Schedules

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Week 03 Questions

  1. What is the first step in repricing multiple schedules according to the given instructions?
    1. Click on the Tools button
    2. Double-click on the job row
    3. Open the Scheduling Administration window
    4. Select the Admin option
  2. What should you do after opening the Scheduling Administration window to access the repricing options?
    1. Click on the Advanced Pricing tab
    2. Tick the product types at the bottom of the window
    3. Double-click on the job row
    4. Select the Tools button
  3. According to the instructions, what action should be taken regarding the product types for repricing?
    1. They are fixed and cannot be changed
    2. Tick/untick as needed
    3. Always keep them unticked
    4. Select all product types
  4. Once the job is selected and the Advanced Pricing tab is open, what is the next step
    1. Double-click on the job row
    2. Tick all product types
    3. Select the Tools button
    4. Tick/untick the appropriate product type
  5. What tool does BitBerry Elda (Chrome) use for updating prices on multiple schedules?
    1. Basic Pricing
    2. Standard Pricing
    3. Advanced Pricing
    4. Pricing Scheduler

Week 02: Answers

  1. What is the purpose of the "Bulk Schedules Updating" tool in BitBerry Elda Scheduler?
    1. To create new schedules
    2. To update multiple schedules simultaneously
    3. To delete existing schedules
    4. To view schedule details
  2. What types of schedules does Bulk Schedule Updating display?
    1. All schedules, regardless of their status.
    2. Only open schedules (Created, Queued, Printer, Unlocked, Reserved and Tags Assigned.) 
    3. Only closed schedules 
    4. Schedules with specific tags assigned
  3. What is the purpose of clicking "Reset Search"?
    1. To undo the updates
    2. To search again using different parameters.
    3. To cancel the search process
    4. To refresh the displayed schedules
  4. When the date range filter is not a viable option for reasons such as a large number of rows returned or an unknown date of schedule creation, what alternative option can be used?
    1. Sort the data alphabetically
    2. Use the Quick Search option
    3. Click on the Advanced Search button
    4. Refresh the page
  5. What are the main steps for updating multiple schedules in bulk using the Scheduler tool?
    1. Choose "Tools" from the menu, go to "Admin," and click "Bulk Schedules Updating."
    2. Access the "Bulk Schedules Updating" tab, select schedules, and confirm the update.
    3. Open the Scheduler menu, use "Advanced Search" to find schedules, and make changes.
    4. Click "Edit Selected," choose schedules, and then update them.


  • Head Office: Toni Morgan
  • Victoria: Diane Christou
  • New South Whales: Vanessa Abad
  • Western Australia: Michelle Malone
  • South Australia: Lakruwan Kekiriwaththe

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