Change the carrier assigned to a manifest


Sometimes it is necessary to change the carrier assigned to a manifest such when a new transport company is employed, a driver is changed, or if changes are made to transport company, truck, or driver data.

Before you begin

  • You have the manifest you wish to change open
  • The manifest has not yet been completed

Steps to take

  1. If the manifest is Committed
    1. Uncheck Committed
    2. Click Save Changes
    3. Switch to the Run Items tab
    4. Remove run items
    5. Click Save Changes
    6. Switch to the Manifest tab
  2. Click Build
    The Freight Carriers window will appear
  3. Select the new transport company you wish to use
  4. Select the new company truck you wish to use
  5. Select the company driver you wish to use
  6. Click Use
    The Freight Carriers window will disappear and the selected carrier will be updated on the manifest 
  7. Click Save Changes

Where to from here

  • You may wish to mark the manifest as committed (which will generate the run items)

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