Setup the Panatracker Application on your Samsung Mobile


This Knowledge Base Article will provide the steps to successfully download and install the Panatracker Application on your Samsung Mobile

Before You Begin

  • Ensure you have completed the initial mobile setup. See our article Set Up Your Samsung Smartphone for more.
  • To install the software, open the unit's mobile browser and navigate to:
    Alternatively, you may scan this QR code to navigate to the page and configure your device.

Steps to Follow

  1. Focus your camera on the QR Code.

  2. Click on Show options button. Then select the Open in browser option. This will open the default browser.
  3. Click on the Accept & continue button.

  4. On the Turn on sync? step, select Yes, I'm in.

  5. Go to the Panatracker download page and click on the Download link.
  6. When the File might be harmful notification appears, select Download anyway option.
    The installation file will download automatically onto your phone.

  7. To open the file, select the Open option from the Chrome downloaded notification. Alternatively, navigate to Downloads on your device and open the file from there.

  8.  Chrome will ask to allow the installation of unknown apps on your Samsung device. To do this, select the Settings option on the Chrome popup notification.

  9. On the Install unknown apps page, toggle on the toggle button next to the Chrome app.

  10. Select Install from the PanatrackerGP notification when it appears on the screen.

  11. After installation, select Open from the PanatrackerGP notification to launch the Panatrack GP app on your Samsung device.

    This will open the PanatrackerGP app on your phone.

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