Set Shape Properties


Shapes are most obviously defined by an image overlaid with dimensions, saw cuts, and thread ends, but also have other properties which may be set.

Number of dimensions in the shape.
For example, a S bar has a single dimension, an L bar has two dimensions, a TH bar has 6 dimensions, and so on.
Number of bends in the shape.
For example, a S bar has no bends, an L bar has a single bend, a TH bar has 5 bends, and so on.
Maximum Length
Maximum length of the shape when scheduled
For example, if an S bar has a maximum length of 9000 and an S bar is scheduled for 12000, it will not be allowed.
Bend Gain factor

Local Adjustment Factor

Length Formula
The formula to use to determine shape length. If the length formula is empty, the shape length will be determined by totaling the measured dimensions.
Pin Size Calculation
The calculation to use for determining the pin size to use when producing the shape. If left blank, the default calculation will be used to determine pin size.
Whether or not the shape is marked as deleted. Checked means the shape is marked as deleted; unchecked means the shape is active.

Before you begin

  • You have selected the shape you wish to set properties.
  • You are on the Properties tab.

Steps to take

  1. Step through each property and update or clear as desired.

  2. Click Save Changes.

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