List and Description of Messages on MDIScanner App


Here is a collection of messages available on the MDIScanner application and their respective description. 

Please Log On...
Scan Barcode to logon.

Scan Bar Tag now
Scan Barcode Now
User Logged Off
User Logged On
Heat completed!

Scan Heat Tag

Not Found!

Sending Tag to Console

Send Complete!
Tag sent to console
Transmit error. Check Console
Error in sending tag to console
Sending Data Cut

Sending Complete

Error Connecting Check Cable

Checking Comms:

Initialising Communications

No Heat Match

Scan Heat Tag

Calculating or Sending data to Server
Scan Offcut Tag

Bar length > 12m

Offcut Tag recorded

Not an offcut tag!

Test Data OK

Test Complete

Scan Bar Tag

Scan Bay Number

Scan Bay Offset

Scan Device ID to Restart"

Item Production

Could not read bar tag
Item Production started wit TagID
Item Picked

Scan 2D Barcode

Printing Tag

Enter DownTime

Downtime noted
Downtime registered in the system
Scan ID Tag

Last Prestart

Up to Date!


Prestart End

Scan Asset Tag

Scan OK

Scan Location

Scan Block Tag

Tag Scan OK

Scan Mill Cert

Already booked

Scan Sheet Tag

Test booked

DBIC Test?

Tensile Test?

Rebend Test?

Scan Batch Tag

All Pockets Cleared

No Bundles Made

End FD Test

End WS Test

Scan Stock/Mesh Tag

Stock/Mesh Qty Changed to:" & NewQty

Change Successful

Invalid Scan

Scan ID Tag

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