How to Scan Downtime Codes using Barcode Scanner


This article provides steps for scanning downtime codes using the barcode scanner attached to Bitscan devices.

Before you begin

Steps to follow

  1. While logged in to Bitscan scanner, open the Downtime Codes report on Elda Reports under Production > Barcodes.

  2. Scan one of the downtime codes and enter the downtime duration. The barcodes for the numbers is at the end of the report.

    Enter the downtime duration by scanning the corresponding numbers in minutes. For example, for a downtime of 10 minutes, scan the barcodes for 1 and 0.  Then scan the barcode for OK.
    A message appears that the downtime has been noted.

  3. This will create a log in the database where the end time during the scan and start time would be the time during scan minus the minutes scanned.

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