How to Set Up Scanner Antennas for the Best Reception


This knowledge-based article provides a detailed set of instructions on how to properly set up scanners in the factory. 


Better Wifi Signal

A Wi-Fi signal strength of -30 dBm is considered perfect, while -70 dBm is considered disconnected. Please see the  Wi-Fi connection strength of the scanner antenna at different angles, considering that you are looking from the Wifi Access Point point of view.

  • RECOMMENDED For a -30 dBm please have the scanner antenna setup as below. Antenna's flat surface is looking at the Wifi Access Point 
    Image (32).jpg

  • For a -35 dBm please have the scanner antenna setup as below. Antenna's flat surface to a different side from the Wifi Access Point.
    Image (30).jpg

  • For a -50 dBm please have the scanner antenna setup as below. Antenna positioned this way will have a weak signal which prompt for drops.
    Image (31).jpg

  • For a -70 dBm please have the scanner antenna setup will produce a faint wifi connection but it will be considered disconnected. 
    Image (29).jpg

Steps to Follow

  1. Scanner Placement
    Try to set up the antenna in the highest possible position and with a direct line of sight to the WiFi access point (for a stronger signal).

  2. Antenna Orientation -  Ensure that the antenna is correctly aligned and oriented. The antenna direction should be directed upward with the antenna free of obstacles from a 360° angle.

    Incorrect setup Correct setup 
  3. Extendable Antenna.
    If there is not enough space to install the device in a higher position, you can use an antenna extender or extension cord as an alternative solution. This will allow you to place the scanner in a convenient location while still maintaining a strong antenna reception.

    PLEASE NOTE: This should be a 2.4ghz 5dmi or higher antenna extension RP-SMA SMA Male Antenna.


  4. Signal Interference
    Identify potential sources of interference within the factory and also take into account the surrounding metal machines that may affect the signal quality.

  5. Check Signal Strength
    Check the device's signal strength indicator or use a smartphone app to identify areas with stronger reception. Position the device in those areas.

    Weak Signal

    Good Signal
  6. Consult the Bitberry Team
    If there are any further questions or need specific guidance on optimizing antenna reception in a factory. 

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