Configure to operate in bridge mode

Before you begin

  • After tapping Apply, the device will prompt to reboot. Rebooting is not necessary at every step and can simply be done as the final step.

Steps to take

  1. Access the wi-fi networks available to your device
    In this example, I am viewing the Wi-Fi networks available to my iPhone in the Settings app and Wi-Fi section
  2. Locate the network advertised BitConnect and tap to connect
    Note: The Wi-Fi network advertised by a BitConnect device has no password
  3. Open a web browser on the device
    In this example, I am using Safari on an iPhone
  4. Navigate to
  5. A dialog appears prompting for username and password
  6. Enter admin admin
  7. Tap on Mode Selection
  8. Tap STA Mode
    This configures the BitConnect to operate in station mode, meaning instead of advertising a wi-fi network, the device instead joins another wi-fi network
  9. Tap Apply
  10. Tap AP Interface Setting
  11. Note the MAC address
    Note: The MAC address ultimately used in the reservation may differ by +- 1 
  12. Tap STA Interface
  13. Select Search
  14. A new window will appear listing all Wi-Fi networks available to the BitConnect Device
  15. Select the Wi-Fi network to join
    In this example, I am connecting the BitConnect to Elda_Scanners
  16. Click Apply
  17. The window closes and the selected network populates
  18. Enter the passphrase (password) for the wi-fi network
  19. Tap Apply
  20. Tap Ethernet Setting
  21. Tap Ethernet Mode and select z
  22. Tap Apply
    Note: Despite selecting z-mode, the interface will display n-mode. It seems however that the device does enter z-mode as on reboot, it functions as expected
  23. Tap Device Management
  24. Tap Restart

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