How To Set Up Speed Dial on Yealink Teams Phone


To set up an MS Teams phone in a common area, it is necessary to configure speed dial numbers so it will be easy for users to access.

Steps To Take

  1. To access the People feature on your Yealink phone, simply tap on the icon with the image of people on the screen.

  2. To add from the directory, simply tap on the "+" icon and select the "Add from Directory" option.

  3. To add a name, simply tap on the empty line next to "add" and type in the desired name.

  4. To add the user account to the phone, simply tap on the name.

  5. To add a user account to speed dial, simply tap on the desired speed dial option and then select the correct symbol located in the top right corner.

  6. You can now access the speed dial account that is set up within the Calls option on the home screen.

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