Applying Filters on Dashboard Reports


This Knowledge Base Article provides information needed to apply filters on any of the reports in the Dashboard Report section in ChromeInventory.

Before You Begin

  • Ensure you are logged into Elda (Chrome).  See our article Log in to an Elda Database for more.
  • Ensure you access the ChromeInventory app in Elda (Chrome) folder. See our article Getting Started with ChromeInventory for more.
  • The Refresh button updates the report every 5 seconds. This process will be displayed by an asterisk mark next to the button text.

Steps to Follow

  1. Choose a report from the drop-down menu in Dashboard Reports. The result returned represents the available data for the date range selected. You may modify the data of the report being viewed by using the date pickers.

  2. Dashboard reports can be filtered according to the columns needed. This is done through the Filter Result where drop-down menu and choosing the appropriate column to run the search against.

  3. The Like field allows you to search for any words that are similar to the words typed in the textbox corresponding to the option chosen in the preceding step.

  4. You may also open the dashboard reports as an excel file by clicking on the button shown below:

    Chrome opens up the select report in an Excel sheet.

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