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This Knowledge Base Article provides information needed to review the Unposted Items report from the ChromeInventory Dashboard Report section.

Before You Begin

Steps to Follow

  1. Click on the Dashboard Reports button to access the reports. This will open up the Dashboard Reports page.

  2. Click on Unposted Items from the drop-down menu.

  3. All unposted items within the date range selected should be displayed, organized by Document Type. Modify the date range, if necessary.

    The report can likewise be viewed by applying filters to the result.

    You may extract the selected report to Excel by clicking the button shown below:

  4. Check for email from Pronto to find out why the item has not cleared through the system. If there is no email related to the item listed, raise a support ticket with the helpdesk.

  5. Once issue with the unposted item is sorted out, right-click on the line and choose Resubmit Selected Items. If no further action is required or that the underlying issue could not be resolved at the moment, click on Cancel Selected Items to remove it from the report.

    Multiple items can be selected at once or click on Select All to choose all unposted items. Click on Clear Selection to unselect all the items.

To apply filters on ChromeInventory Dashboard Reports, see our article Applying Filters on Dashboard Reports for more.

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