Changing quantity or cancelling mesh production tags


This function will be used in an instance where there is not enough material to complete all the sheets after the production tags have been generated and printed.  The operator can mark the unproduced tags as invalid. 

In the example below the operator needs to cancel the selected mesh tags.

The barcodes for specific machines can be found on the "Mesh Production Barcodes" report in the reports module. 

Steps for adjusting last tag

If the last pack could not be completed entirely, the operator can adjust the tag to include only the items that were produced. 

NOTE: "Steps for adjusting last tag" can be skipped if the last tag was produced in full.  

Example- Only 12 of the 15 mesh sheets were produced.

  1.   Scan the 'ADJUSTTAG' barcode. 

2. Scan the relevant mesh batch tag when prompted. 

3. Scan the mesh quantity when prompted. 

For example for 12 items, scan the "1" followed by "2" barcode. Scan the "OK" barcode to confirm the adjustment.

The scanner will then notify that the new mesh quantity and the adjustment was successful.

Steps for cancelling tags

  1. Scan the "INVALIDTAG" barcode. 
  2. Scan the relevant mesh barcode when prompted.

  3. If only the scanned tag needs to be cancelled, scan "NO".  If all remaining unproduced tags need to be cancelled, scan "YES".

    If "YES" is selected the scanner will notify that the remaining tags have been destroyed.

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