Review Rebar Work Orders Dashboard Report


This Knowledge Base Article provides information needed to view Rebar Work Orders Report from the ChromeInventory Dashboard Report section.

Before You Begin

Steps to Follow

  1. Click on the Dashboard Reports button to access the reports. This will open up the Dashboard Reports page.

  2. Click Rebar Work Orders from the dropdown menu.

    The Rebar Work Orders contains the following details:
    Column Name Description
    Production Date Date of production
    Warehouse Warehouse name
    The machine that is allocated for the prodution
    Work Area
    The location where the item is produced.
    Work Order
    Unique code assigned to a specific work order (can contain multiple products).
    Unique code assigned for each product (multiple products can be assigned to a single Work Order).
    Items tagged under a specific Product
    Checkbox to confirm if tags have been generated
    Identification if the item is already created/produced
    Current status of all the production of items for a specific Work Order
    Produced Date
    Exact date and time the item was produced.
    Pronto Batch
    Unique code assigned to which pronto batch it was processed.
    Displayed what unit will be used in your company to gather products (For example: Bags)
    Number of items being produced
    Produced Device
    Device/Equipment that produced the items
    May contain the error message encountered, if any.

To apply filters on ChromeInventory Dashboard Reports. See our article Applying Filters on Dashboard Reports for more

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