Unsubscribe from an Elda Report

Before you begin

Methods to Follow

Unsubscribe from a single report

Once you are logged in, select the database/company you would like to subscribe to by clicking on your initials in the top right-hand corner and changing the selected company on the User Menu.

Once you have the correct database/company selected, use the left-hand menu to search or browse for the report you require.
PLEASE NOTE: When searching for a report you can use just parts of the report name as a search term.

Once you have found the report, click on the report name to select it.

To Unsubscribe to this report you need to click on the Auto Report menu located in the report properties which is in the centre of the page.

Uncheck the Subscribed checkbox to deactivate the report schedule.

Once unchecked, the report schedule colour will clear.

Click Save changes

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