Upload M-Sheets for Rebar Items

Before you begin

This Knowledge Base Article provides steps on how to Upload M-Sheets for Rebar Items M-Sheets for Rebar


Before You Begin



  • The Scheduler App no longer supports Paint in order to create an M-Sheet. 
  • Creating the M-Sheet must be done before this particular step. 
  • You can use software of your choosing to create an M-Sheet. 
  • The M-Sheet must be saved as an image(Contains a file type of Jpeg (or JPG) or Png.)


Steps to Follow

  1. Click on the down arrow on the M-Sheet column. This will open up a menu list with the New M-Sheet option and Copy the Existing M-Sheet.

  2. Click on the New M-Sheet option from the opened menu list.

  3. Select the M-Sheet that needed to be uploaded to Scheduler from the  Select a file to attach as an MSheet window. Then click on the Open button
    PLEASE NOTE: The M-Sheet need to be uploaded only as an Image File with the following file type in Jpeg (or JPG) or  Png. For more information regarding M-sheet images, Kindly see below.

    The Scheduler will upload the M-Sheet and will display the newly created M Sheet with an  M-SheetID.



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