How to Factory a Stock Transfer


This Knowledge Base Article will take you on the step needed to Factory a stock transfer.

Before You Begin

Steps to Follow

  1. Click on the Factory button once selected the Stock Transfer you need to factory.
    PLEASE NOTE:  The Save button will be greyed out after saving the stock transfer successfully. Then the Factory button will be enabled in your Stock Transfer Window.

  2. Click on the Yes button from the Warning popup window to confirm the stock transfer to be factoried.

  3. Click on the OK button from the ChromeInventory Information popup window that indicates the Transfer is marked as factoried .
    PLEASE NOTE: This will enable the Complete button.

  4. Navigate back to the main Chrome Inventory window and you will see that Chrome displays a  Status shows as Factoried. 
  5. If you want to modify/change the transaction, then press the Un-Factory button and do the modification and update the Transfer details. See our article How to Create a Stock Transfer in ChromeInventory.

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