Closing Invoices from Thimbl (Reonet/Foamhub)


This knowledge base article provides steps to take when using Thimbl (Reonet/Foamhub) to close invoices especially for month-end.

Before You Begin

  • Ensure you access Thimbl (Reonet/Foamhub). See our article Accessing Thimbl for more.

Why UseThimbl (Reonet/Foamhub)

  • For deliveries where drivers are unable to select as delivered on the Oova app or for some other reason, we have to invoice it in Reonet in order to complete the transaction.

Steps to Follow

  1. Click on the  Management tab and then select Deliveries after you have logged into the  Thimbl (Reonet/Foamhub) website.

    PLEASE NOTE: Thimbl (Reonet/Foamhub) will navigate you to the Delivery Management webpage. You will see a similar page as below with details.
    • Check marks indicate an already Invoiced delivery.
    • The dollar sign ($) indicates a delivery that still needs to be invoiced.

  2. Click on the dollar sign next to the Delivery number in order for an invoice to issued for it.

    PLEASE NOTE: Please ensure deliveries are invoiced and closed out even before truck is completed prior to month-end to prevent issues with invoice processing.

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