How to Load Heat Data into Mesh Machine Spindles and Cross Wires


This Knowledge Base Article provides the steps to take in order to load heat data into Mesh machine spindles and cross wires. 

Before You Begin

  • Ensure you have logged into the Scanner. See our article on How can I start and end the shift on the Bitscan Scanner for more.
  • Ensure you have access to the Mesh Traceability Board or the the Mesh Production Barcodes sheet  for the Mesh Production centre that you are trying to adjustwith you.

Steps to Follow

  1. Scan the MESHCLEARPOCKET Barcode. This will clear all heat previously loaded into the Bar Pockets.
    PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that employees clear the already loaded heat data from the earlier shift and reload them again to avoid confusion. 

  2. The MESH SCANNER will display the following message.
  3. Scan the Spindle or Cross Wire barcode that you need heat loaded into.

    The MESH SCANNER will display this message.

    There is a time period to scan the heat tag, if the time runs out you will get a message like below and the scanner will automatically clear the pocket. Now when this happens you will need to go through step one again.

  4. Scan the Heat Tag with your required Heat Data.
    The MESH SCANNER will display the following  message.
  5. Repeat Step 02 until you have loaded heat data into all the required Spindles and Cross Wires.

  6. Scan the  MESH BATCH TAG prior to putting it on the batch of the finished product.

    The MESH SCANNER will display the following messages.
    1. Successfully Produced message.
    2. Tag Already Produced message.

To send product tag data for  Quality Assurance Testing, see our article How to Send Product Tag Data for Quality Assurance Testing for more.

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