How to Fix Faded Tag Printouts


This knowledgebase article was prepared to help end users rectify faded tag printout issues by themselves. 

Before You Begin

Ensure you have access to the tag printer and the printer is switched on.

Change Heat Settings in the Printer

  1. Just press the Windows button and type in Printers & scanners and select the Printers & scanners option from the Microsoft search menu.

  2.  Select your tag printer from the Printers & scanners and click on the Manage button. This will open up a new window with further settings relating to the selected printer.

  3. Click on the Printing Preferences option under the Printer Manage Window.

  4. This will open the Printing Preferences popup window.  
    PLEASE NOTE: Use the following recommended settings.

  5. Click on the  Options tab and apply the below settings.

  6. Click on the checkbox next to Print Head Temperature and drag the Slider to the         18th setting.

  7. Click on the Apply button then click on the OK button.

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