Check scanner connectivity

Steps to take

  1. Download the attached file
  2. Unzip file
     In this example, I extracted the contents to C:\Users\warrenh\Desktop
  3. Open IPAddresses.txt
  4. Update the list of IP addresses with the list of IP addresses you wish to check
     Tip: An easy way to prepare a list of IP addresses is to pull the from the database then simply copy them into the text file
    SELECT WirelessIP
    FROM [dbo].[tblWirelessDevices]
    WHERE ISNULL(WirelessIP, '') <> ''

  5. Open Windows PowerShell. See Open Windows PowerShell.
  6. Change directory to where the files in step 2
      This step is necessary as the Powershell script looks for file IPAddresses.txt in the same path
  7. Run CheckScanners.ps2
  8. Review the results
     In this example, all ping tests succeeded and all TCP connections except those to IP address succeeded

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