Shared Emails - Set Automatic Replies (Out of Office) through Office 365 (Web App)


We all have occasions where we're out of the office or unable to receive email.  Automatic Replies allow us to communicate to our contacts that we are unavailable while setting the expectation as to when we'll be back in touch.  We can also use this as a tool to inform our contacts of any alternative means of contact, for example in the case of an urgent message.  It also allows us to delegate contact to other members of our team who might be in a position to assist.

Before you begin


  1. Click on the button with your name's initials on Outlook.

  2. Select Open another mailbox from the drop-down list.

  3. Type in the name of the Share Email that you use and click on the Open button     For this example, I have used VIC.Estimates

  4. Click the cog/ settings icon from the top right-hand side of outlook web.
  5. Click View all Outlook settings

  6. Click Automatic replies

  7. Click Automatic replies on

  8. Turn on Automatic Replies  and  if you wish to set a time period for automatic replies
    1. Check to Send replies only during a time period 
    2. Select a start date from the Start time, date selector
    3. Select a start time from the Start time, time selector
    4. Select an end date from the End time, date selector
    5. Select an end time from the End time, time selector
  9. Enter your automatic reply
  10. If you wish to send automatic replies outside your organization
    1. Check to Send replies outside your organization
    2. Enter your automatic reply
  11. Click Save
  12. Office 365 will notify you automatic replies have been turned on

  13. Close the Automatic replies notification

  14. Close Settings 

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