Add Product in Elda and Add Item into Delivery Items in Oova App


Elda Products is an administration application that allows business administrators, stock controllers and inventory managers to create and manage the parameters of products used throughout the Elda (Chrome) Application Suite.

Before You Begin

  1. Ensure you are logged into Elda(Chrome).  See our article Log in to an Elda Database for more.
  2. Ensure you access the Products app in Elda(Chrome) Folder. See our article Getting Started with Products for more. 

Steps to Follow

  1. Click on the Sundries tab in the Products Application. This will open up the Sundries Information.
  2. Enter the Product code you need to enter and tick on delivery item. For Example:- Code : SLING1T 

  3. Once you tick on delivery item, it will appear on OOVA application.

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