Creating an Estimate Variation

1.In Estimator, find or open an estimate which has been converted to a Job (i.e. Estimate with a Job number).

2.Select an estimate section that you wish to create a variation for .

3. Then select the Est. Variation button.

4.This will open the Estimate Variation window.

5.In the estimate variations window, select ‘New Variation’ to create a variation for the selected Estimate Section.

Note: Only one variation can be created per estimate section.

6. Tick the item you wish to do a variation on, within the ‘Var.Item’ column

7.Then enter the variation amount for either Rebar, Mesh or Sundry as required. Variation value will automatically be calculated




Negative Estimate Variations

In instances where a job requires a negative variation, simply enter a minus symbol (eg: -100) before the quantity.

Negative variations are typically carried out when a job has been redesigned and doesn’t require excess reinforcing materials

8. Add comments, if required and select ‘Save’.


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