View the Receipt Photos of a Purchase Order

Before you begin

  • You have ChromeInventory open. See Getting Started with ChromeInventory.
  • You have Print Purchase Order open.
  • You have located the purchase order for which you want to print receipt photos.

Steps to take

  1. Click into the Has Receipts column. A drop-down button appears.
  2. Click the drop-down button.
    A Purchase Order Receipts window appear listing the purchase order receipts for the purchase order.
  3. Click into the Has Photos column.  A drop-down button appears.
  4. Click the drop-down button.
    The Purchase Order Receipt Photos window opens.
  5. Double-click in the row header of the purchase order receipt photo you want to view.
    The purchase order receipt photo opens in the default .

Where to from here

  • If there are purchase order receipt photo does not display, you may want to check your photo viewer settings.

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