Foam Block Production

Before you begin

Accessing the Foam Block Production Window

1. Within the scheduler application, create a schedule or open an existing schedule.

For help on creating and locating schedules, see our articles on Creating a New Schedule or Searching for a Schedule.


2. Select Calculators from the menu panel.


3. From the sub-categories listed, select Foam Production


4. This will open the Foam Block Production window.


5. The system will automatically load the Sheets Tab



6. Navigate to the sundry tab within the schedule details section of the application.


7. Enter the required foam block code. If you do not know the block code, follow section 3.5 to browse all product codes.


8. Once entered the system will open the Foam Block Production window – For previously entered block codes within an existing schedule, you can double click the line item to open the Foam Block Production window.


9. The system will automatically load the Sheets Tab


Entering Block Cut Sheet Production

1. Within the sheets tab you can enter the required information for the block production, such as;

  • A Customer Code relating to the product/s
  • Quantity
  • Tolerance
  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Description

The below example shows the difference between entering a customer code and/or description.

The other fields will automatically calculate the volume, weight, price etc once the fields list above have been entered.

2. Once you have entered the breakdown of the foam block production for the selected block type click the line below and select save.

You can enter multiple block production items for the selected block type within this screen.


3. Select Close to return to the sundries tab – The comment column will give you a breakdown of the sheet production items entered.image413

4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 to continue entering additional block cut sheets

Entering Block Profile Information

Customer profile details can be entered into the system when a customer has requested a custom profile to be cut. The customer will need to provide a drawing which profiles the specific cut required.

1. See the above steps to open the Foam Block Production window.

2. Navigate to the Profile Details tab.


3. This will load the profile details window. The system will load the selected block types length, width, height and grade.

The block length, width and height is the raw material that the customer will be charged for, hence you cannot modify the fields.


4. The Cut Speed and Wire Kerf will automatically populate, depending on the block type you select to use.

Cut Speed - Each profile is different therefore they need to be cut at different speeds – The system will populate the maximum cutting speed for the profile. This allows production staff to know the correct speed in which to run the machine.

Wire Kerf – Is the bit of the material that is destroyed where the wire cuts and reduces the amount of material available. The kerf plays a factor in determining how many profiles can be cut from the one block and varies depending on cut speed, wire thickness and cut temperature.


5. Within the profile details section, enter in a description.


6. Then the Profile Height and Length


7. To view previously entered profiles, click LookUp. Within this window, you can view the profile library, profiles for the selected customer and all profiles.


If you select a profile within this section the profile Description, Profile Height and Profile length will be automatically filled in


Attachments Tab

1. In the Attachments tab, drag and drop files you wish to attach into the white space.


Notes Tab

1. In the Notes tab enter any notes regarding the profile into the textbox.


2. Press the Save button to save the profile notes.


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