Retrieving Certificates in Thimbl

Before you begin

  • Ensure you can access you company's version of Thimbl (you may know it as ReoNet or FoamHub).
  • Thimbl is accessible anywhere via your web browser of choice.
  • See our article Accessing Thimbl for more information.

Downloading Certificates

  1. Log into your Thimbl account and from the menu panel navigate to the Jobs tab.

  2. From the Jobs submenu, select Certificates.

  3. To retrieve the Mill Certificate, follow the prompt and select one of the categories to Search By.
    • Mill Cert. Number
    • Heat Number
    • Schedule Number
    • Product Number
    • Job Number

      Then enter the corresponding number in the Enter Number field and click Get Mill Certs

  4. Under the heat number column, the schedules that have assigned Mill Certificates will show the corresponding Heat Numbers. You can also download all the data by clicking the Export Data to CSV link below.

  5. When you click a Heat Number, a Mill Certificate Table will appear at the bottom of the page listing all the corresponding details.

  6. In the Mill Certificate table, click on the Mill Certificate Number to download a PDF copy of the Mill Certificate.

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