Check Login Details

Before you begin

  • You have access to an Elda app.

Steps to take

  1. Open any Elda app to which you have access.
    • If the app can successfully use your login details to connect to the database (and you have access to the app), the app will open.

    • If the app cannot use your login details to successfully connect to the database, the app will report failure.

  2. Inspect the title bar of the application for the following information.
    • The database to which the app is connected.
    • The app name.
    • The app version.
    • The user name of the user used to connect to the database.

Where to from here?

  • If you are connected to the wrong database or connected as the wrong user, you might want to log in to an Elda database. See Log in to an Elda database.

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