How to Troubleshoot and Reset your CISCO Telephone


This article provides instructions on steps to be taken when the CISCO telephone have issues. Should be used for issues like being unable to place or take calls, display not working and phone getting frozen.

Before You Begin

  • Blue Cable (Ethernet Cable)
    • Ensure that the blue cable is connected to the phone.
    • Check if the cable is connected to the wall socket securely. 
  • Handset Cord
    • Ensure the handset cord is plugged into the phone securely.

Let's Restart the CISCO Telephone

  1. If you are having troubles with your CISCO telephone ensure to unplug the phone from power, wait 5 seconds and plug it back in. This will reboot(restart )the telephone.  

  2. The rebooting process will take around  2- 3 minutes. You will see the following messages on your telephone screen.
    1. Initial Startup with CISCO logo.

    2. Detecting Network - In this stage, your device will begin to connect to the internet.

    3. Verify your network connection - After connecting the phone verify if it's the correct connection.

Let's Reset the CISCO Telephone

If restarting your CISCO device didn't help with your problem, you may need to do a hard reset on your phone. Please refer to the below steps to reset the CISCO telephone.

  1. As the first step, please go into the Applications menu by pressing the gear icon as shown below.

  2. Once in the menu please scroll down and select the “Admin Settings” option using the circular navigation button in the middle of the telephone.

  3. Once navigated into the  “Admin Settings” page, please scroll down to and select the “Reset Settings” option.

  4. From there “Reset Settings” please select the option named “All”.

  5. Once this option has been selected it should prompt to reset the phone to factory settings. As shown below.

  6. It should say that it has deleted the old settings then the phone should reboot from there.

  7. The reboot(restart) process should take 5-10 mins depending on your network speed.

  8. You have successfully done the process of resetting your CISOC device. If you still need further assistance please contact your help desk team and provide information on the step you have taken already.

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