Searching/Finding Existing Quotes


The Quote Browser window allows you to find and retrieve quotes that were made by you or other users between any selected dates. By default, the window shows the quotes made by you within the last month. Any quotes that are required to be followed up will highlight either orange or red (Orange – Requires to be followed up on the current day and Red – Is over due to be followed up)


Before you begin

Navigating the Quote Browser

1. Open the ReoQuote application and click the Restore Quote


If you have any quote that are required to be followed up, the restore quote button will highlight red.


2. The Quote Browser window will open, display the quote which you have created within the last month


3. Select to view the quotes for all users by ticking the check box or select an individual user from the drop-down option


4. Select the required date range.


5. To filter the quotes shown, tick the Filter checkbox and select the column header which you wish to search. A text box will appear, enter the search string in the Like text box.image196

6. You can also opt to filter committed quotes or lost quotes


7. All quotes matching the filter options selected will be displayed below.


8. Select the existing quote you wish to view.image199

9. Then click Retrieve Quote to open the selected quote in the ReoQuote screen

image200 Notes

  • Quotes raised to schedule in ReoQuote will remain in the browser until they are either deleted or committed to a schedule but will not allow a second schedule to be raised against themselves.
  • Quotes restored which have had schedule raised will display a message advising which Schedule contains the data.


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