How to Use the Banking Function in Invoicer


The purpose of the Banking Function is to simplify the process of reconciling bank transactions, by providing a straightforward easy to reference listing of Cash Sales Transactions completed in ELDA.

Before You Begin

Steps to follow

  1. Click on the Banking button located at the bottom left of the  Invoicer menu.

  2. Enter the Start Date and the End Date of payments to be viewed and click on the Refresh button.

  3. The Banking Function can be carried out in several steps :
    1. To use The Banking Function With a Single Payment Transaction - Click on the payment transaction that needs to be processed as a bank deposit and click on the Bank button located at the bottom of the Cash Sale Banking window.

    2. To use The Banking Function With Multiple Payment Transactions -  Hold Ctrl + Click on the payment transactions that need to be processed as bank deposits and click on the Bank button located at the bottom of the Cash Sale Banking window.

    3.  To use The Banking Function All Payment Transactions  - Click on the  Select All button and then click on the Bank button located at the bottom of the Cash Sale Banking window. This will select all the payment transactions in the selected date range and process them as bank deposits.

      PLEASE NOTE: Invoicer will display the Banked date and the person responsible for banking in the columns highlighted below.

Printing the Cash Sale Bank Details Sheet

  1. Click on the Print button after the bank deposit is completed to view the Cash Sale Banking Details Sheet.

    PLEASE NOTE: After clicking on the Print button, Invoicer will display the Cash Sale Banking Report.
  2. The next step would be to print the Cash Sale Banking Report using the print function in the Invoicer application.
    PLEASE NOTEA cash sale register will have the following information.
    • TOP LEFT:  Company Name & Logo
    • TOP RIGHT:  Name of the document and the  date range
    • BODY:  Cash Sale Banking Details are divided into the specific branches and displayed accordingly starting from Schedule, Payment Date, Payment Date, Cash, Cheque, Total and Banking Information(Banked Date, Banked Person).

  3. Click on the Print button on the top left corner of the screen.

  4. Select the preferred printer and the number of copies and select the Print button.


  • You may now also filter transactions by Branch by clicking the dropdown list for the list of Branches then clicking the Refresh button.

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