Delivery Details Tab


The Delivery Details Tab allows staff to enter delivery information such as the delivery address, delivery date and courier/transport information relating to the quote you are entering. Once you have selected the customer and entered the product information, proceed to enter the delivery details.


Before you begin

Entering a Delivery Address

1. Proceed to the Delivery Details Tab within ReoQuote


2. If the quote, is for an ex-work/pickup tick the Ex-Works Checkbox

This will automatically remove the delivery fee from the quotation image138

3. Otherwise to add an address, click within the address text box.


4. This will open the Edit Address window – Enter the delivery address into the required fields and select ok



Choose from the pre-set addresses linked to the customer account by clicking the Select button to open the Sites Address Book


Selecting Delivery Date

1. Too add a delivery date, select the Delivery Date drop down calendar and choose the required date.


Selecting Transport/Courier Details


1. Selecting a Fast-Track Carrier is only require when processing a fast track order. See our article Fast Track Sales in ReoQuote for more on fast tracking an order.


2. Select the location within the Deliver From drop down option for where the order will be dispatched.


3. Select the vehicle transport type


4. Then select the Offloading method


Ensure to save the quote once the delivery information has been added

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