Raising an Emergency Stock Purchase Order Request


Within scheduler, sales staff with the allocated permission can raise an emergency stock purchase order for items supplied to Best Bar that are out of stock.

Once a PO request has been raised, the system will automatically send a notification to the MPL department to review and approve.

Before you begin

Raising an Emergency Stock PO Request

1. Create and/or navigate to the required schedule.

Note, in order to raise an Emergency PO, the schedule must be factoried.


2.  Navigate to either the Mesh or Sundries tab.

Emergency stock PO requests for Cut/Bent Mesh and  Rebar cannot created.


3. Select the product, you would like to raise an emergency stock order for and right click. From the menu subcategories, select Order Stock.


4. This will open the Stock Purchase Order Request window.


5. Within this screen, select the date the items are required.


6. Enter in the supplier delivery fee, if required


7. Select the vendor from the list and adjust the unit price, if required.


8. The checkbox, to send MPL a notification will automatically be ticked. Enter any additional comments or information within the Notes field. 


9. Then select Submit


10. You will be notified when the product has been added to a PO Batch – This will notify MPL to review and approve the purchase order.


11. If the item, you've selected to raise a purchase order request for has previously been created you will receive the below notification.


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