Working with Heat Tags in ChromeInventory

Before you begin

Steps to take

Heat Tag Printing

1. Open Chrome Inventory and navigate to the file drop down. Select Heat Data. image026

2. This will display the Heat Data window.


Selecting a shipment

1. From the shipping documents on hand, identify the Vessel name that the goods are being received from.

2. Select the location the shipment is coming from using the drop-down. image028

3. Set the “since” date to a date earlier than the actual shipping date contained in the shipping documents. image029

4. Press the “Refresh” button to display a list of applicable shipments.


5. Select the ship name from the ones available in the list.

  • If the ship name is not in the list this means that we have not received electronic shipping data from the vessel - administration must be advised so that the information may be obtained.
  • If the ship name is available, select the shipment and all the heat data that is to be received in this shipment will populate.  image031

Printing Heat Tags

1. Select the required shipments that require printing.  See above Selecting a Shipment.

2. From the bottom window displaying the heat data, select the line item and enter the amount of tags required (A maximum of 100 tags can be printed for an individual line item – but the same line item can be printed as many times as required.) image032

3. Click Heat Tags to provide a preview of the tags to be printed.


4. Select Print to print tags onto the required printer. image034

Viewing a Mill Certificate

1. Select the shipment (Section 4.1) that require printing.

2. Double click the line item to display the mill certificate in the preview pane.


3. If required - save, print, zoom or view as a PDF using the menu panel on the preview pane.


Check a Heat Tag

This procedure allows you to check that a heat tag has a valid mill certificate held in the certificate store.

1. Within the Heat Data window, select All Sites using the Show Shipments dropdown menu. To check if the certificate is part of a shipment that was received at a different site, it is important to select “All Sites”.

2. Click the Check Tag button next to the barcode input box. image037

3. Using the hand scanner, scan the barcode on the item to be checked. IF the item has a valid record, the indicator next to the input box will turn green. If no record is held, the box will turn red.


4. If a record is found, the shipment will be displayed and highlighted in the shipments list. If you click the shipment item, the found item will be displayed in the item list.



Searching for a Heat Tag

This allows you to browse Mill certificates that have been received for a particular heat number or portion of a heat number.

1. Within the Heat Data window and navigate to the left panel of the window. Select a shipment site, then navigate to the Heat Number Portion. image041

2. Enter the heat number OR any part of the heat number and select find shipments .image042

3. Details of any shipments that contain this heat number will appear in the shipment detail grid. image043

4. Double click a shipment to see the items attached to the shipment. Select “Search Manifest” to display only those records that contain the required heat number.


5. The Heat Data matching this criteria will populate, the line item may now be selected and tags printed if required. image045

Assigning a mismatched Stock tag to an existing Heat Number

Occasionally, stock received from your supplier doesn’t have corresponding electronic data. In some instances, the heat number has been received for other similar material. Provided the Heat number and Bar diameter match, assigning the missing tag to the heat data held is permitted.

Check the Heat Tag as described above.  The indicator will turn red to indicate no match found.

1. While the Heat Tag number is still in the search box, perform a Heat Tag search using the Heat Number Portion and Search manifest

2. Click the line in the heat results that you wish to match the Heat Tag to (only one item selected is allowed)

3. The “Force Match” button will appear under the Heat Tag search controls. Click the Force Match button to assign the located Heat details to the Heat Tag. image046

Note: You must ensure that the product matches with the product on the Heat Tag. It may take some time (2-3 minutes) for the newly created Heat match to register.

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