Emailing the EDI to the Supplier and Reconciliation

Accessing EDI Status Window

1. In Scheduler, right click in the Job Schedules area and select EDI Status to open the EDI Status window.

Creating EDI Purchase Order

1. In the EDI Status window, select the EDI transfers you wish to create a purchase order for.

  • You may only select Exported EDI transfers to create purchase orders.
  • You may create a purchase order by combining multiple Exported EDI transfers at once. Please note, this will allocate one purchase order number to the selected schedules

2. Press the Create Purchase Order button once you have selected the EDI transfer you wish to create a purchase order for.


3. The purchase order, will be displayed in a PDF file

4. Select the email icon and send the purchase order to the required supplier.

5. Once the purchase order has been created and emailed, close the PDF document.

6. You will be prompted to mark the PO for integration – Select yes

7. Once marked for integration the system will notify you. Select Ok


8. The transfer status of the selected EDI will be updated to reconciled.

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