Deleting a Delivery ID from a Delivery Docket


You may find it necessary to delete a delivery docket's ID to remove the delivery ID from a selected job number. This will allow you to split or merge job schedule deliveries.

Before you begin

Steps to follow

  1. Select the Manifest which you’d like to print the delivery dockets for by clicking the grey box next to the manifest.

    For help locating an existing manifest, see our article on Finding an Existing Manifest.

  2. In the Manifest system, press the Delivery Dockets button to open the Print Delivery Dockets window. 
  3. Select the job you wish to have their delivery dockets deleted. (Only one job can be selected at a time and only applies to jobs with delivery IDs.)

  4. Press the Delete button to delete the selected job’s delivery ID.

  5. Enter a reason for deleting the delivery docket and select OK.

  6. You will be advised when the delivery delete has been deleted.


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