Adding Credits, Purchase Order Collections or Transfers to Manifests

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Adding Credits/Purchase order Collections/Transfers to a Manifest

  1. Open the Manifest module - If there are any delivery or pick up requests the Requests button will be outlined in purple and display the amount of requests required to be actioned – In the display below, there are 35 requests required to be actioned.

  2. Click on the Requests button.


    Locate/Search for an existing manifest.  See our article on Finding an Existing for a Manifest.

  3. Navigate to Add Item within the Run Items tab.

  4. Once selected, this will open the ‘Delivery / Pick-up Requests Window’ – Within this window credits, purchase orders and transfers will be listed.

  5. Filter the below by selecting the item type from the drop-down option.

  6. Enter the required dates and select Refresh.


  7. The outstanding credits, purchase orders and transfers will be listed along with, the date the items are required, the item type (i.e, transfer, credit, PO), the chrome reference number, customer, address, whether the item is a pickup or delivery, who requested the item, the requested date, the uncompleted date, uncompleted reason and comments.

  8. Select the required item/s you wish to add to the manifest.

  9. If you have preselected a Manifest, (as shown in step 2 of this section), click Add to Manifest.

    Otherwise, if no manifest has been selected – Right click on the line item/s and select Add to existing Manifest.

    This will display a list of existing manifests for the current date – double-click on the required manifest to add the selected run item.

  10. The items will then be added into the Manifest under the ‘Run Items’ tab.

  11. If required, follow our article on Adding Schedules to Manifests.

  12. Once all your ‘Run Items’ have been allocated, use the arrows to change the sequence of the run items – The sequence will automatically save when adjusted.

  13. Then navigate back to the Manifest # tab.

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