Negative Stock and Lead time of Product


This knowledge article provides a step-by-step guide on how to get warning / message of non stock item and their lead time.

Before You Begin

Steps to Follow

  1. Click on the Job# tab and enter your job number. From the Current Jobs section under the Scheduler main window. 
  2. Enter the products in the Rebar, Mesh and Sundry field. 

    Please note:- Warning message will appear on stock item with Lead time on Mesh and Sundry items. For example:- Product code:- LOOP150 is non in stock and their lead time is 2 working days. Press  "yes" to continue.

  3. Once you factory the schedule, again this message appear to make sure this required item is not in stock and their lead time is mentioned in the message. 

  4. Press Yes to factory the schedule.

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