Viewing Work in Progress


The Bundle Tags App has the facilities to report on the current work in progress you have running in your facilities.

Viewing Your Work in Progress

  1. Click the Work in Progress button in the menu. 
  2. On opening Work in Progress, the application may ask you to calculate the Work in Progress for the current day.  If you choose Yes it will build the report from available records in the database. Contrary to the warning, it shouldn't take too long.  If you are looking to report on a different date, you can choose No.

    1. Choose your target site or All Sites from the Site Dropdown Control.

    2. Choose the display method you require from the available choices in the Display Site drop-down:

      Work in Progress by Schedule or Work in Progress by Product.
    3. The application may ask you to calculate the Work in Progress again as you change the display method.  If you are targeting the required date, you can click Yes.

  3. Use the Calendar control to target the date you wish to query.

  4. Once you have the displayed information, you can print the grid by right clicking within the Grid and choosing Print Grid from the popup menu.  
    The grid print will be previewed prior to printing.

    You can also export the grid to Excel by clicking the Export Grid button.


    Right-clicking within the Grid and choosing Export Grid to Excel from the popup menu. 

Refresh / Reset the Grid

You can use the Refresh button to refresh the displayed data in the grid.

You can also clear the Work in Progress records for a particular day by clicking the Reset History button.

Then clicking OK to clear the reset alert.

You can then use the Reset button to rebuild the WIP list.

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