Finding an Existing Invoice in Invoicer

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The Invoicer filtering tools have been designed to help you easily search through your existing invoices.  There are multiple ways you can search and filter existing Invoices.

  1. Choose the Invoice Status.

    Use the Invoice Status Selector drop-down to select the Invoice status you are looking for.

    You can choose from:

    • Unprinted Invoices
    • Non-Finalised Cash Sales
    • Non-Finalised Schedules
    • Draft Invoices
    • All Invoices 
  2. Use the Filter Control to Filter Invoices.
    • Filter by Invoice Range

      Click the filter by Invoice Range button, then enter the Start Invoice and End Invoice numbers in the relevant textboxes.

    • Filter by Date Range

      Click the filter by Date Range button, then enter the Start Date and End Dates using the calendar drop down controls.

    • Filter by Schedule Number

      Click the filter by Schedule button, then enter the Schedule Number in the designated textbox.

    • Filter by Job Number

      Click the filter by Job Number button, then enter the Job Number in the designated textbox.

    • Filter by Customer Name

      Click the Filter by Customer button, then click Select Customer. This will launch the Find Customer window. See our article Finding a Customer with the Find Customer Window.

    • No Filter

      Click the No Filter button to search without a filter.
      PLEASE NOTE: Selecting No Filter at the same time as setting the Invoice Status Selector to All Invoices will return all invoices available in the system. This may result in a very large number of records and may crash your Invoicer app.

  3. Click the Apply Filter button to refresh the Invoice grid and display the Invoices that meet your filtering criteria.

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