Open the Stocktake App

Before you begin

  • You have an iPhone.
  • FileMaker Go is installed in your iPhone.
  • The Stocktake App is present in the FileMaker Go.

Steps to take

  1. Locate FileMaker Go and tap on the app to open.
  2. If any first-run screens appear, move through or close them off.
  3. If the Stocktake App is open, close the app tap. (See Close the App.)
  4. Tap to the My Apps page.

  5. Tap on On My iPhone.

    FileMaker Go will display the FileMaker solutions present inside the FileMaker Go app.

  6. Tap on Stocktake App.

    The Stocktake App will open, display the Best Bar logo for a short while, then move on to the home screen.

Where to from here?

  • ddd

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