Committing a ReoQuote to a Schedule

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Committing a ReoQuote to a Schedule

1. Proceed to the ReoQuote which you would like to commit to a schedule by either creating a new Reoquote and filling out the required information.  See our article Creating a new ReoQuote for more on creating a new ReoQuote.


  By retrieving an existing ReoQuote.   See our article Searching/Finding Existing Quotes for more on finding an existing ReoQuote.


2. Once your ReoQuote has opened, ensure all the details such as the delivery details, contact details and pricing within the quote are correct. Once checked, proceed to select the Commit button.


3. You will be prompted to confirm, if you want to raise the ReoQuote in the select customer job account. Selecting No will take you back to the ReoQuote – Selecting Yes will raise the ReoQuote as a schedule


4. Once the schedule has been raised, the system will notify you and prompt you to open the schedule within the scheduler application. Selecting No will divert you back to the Requote and selecting Yes will open the schedule within scheduler.


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