Filtering EDI Status View

Filtering by Date

1. You may filter the list by selecting your preferred EDI transfer export dates, Schedule Delivery Dates or EDI Delivery Dates, then select your preferred date range.


Selecting the All Dates option to view EDI transfers created on any dates. (The All Dates option is selected by default.)


  You may also combine the filtering with filtering by search as mentioned below

Filtering by Search

1. To filter by a search text, first tick the Search by column checkbox.

2. Select the header of the column you wish to search in.


3. Enter the search text you wish to search for. The list will automatically be updated based on your search.


You may also combine the filtering with filtering by date as mentioned above

Updating EDI Status List

1. Since the list is not updated at real time, you may update the EDI status list regularly after opening the window by pressing the Refresh List button.


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