Creating an EDI Purchase Order Transfer

Creating an EDI Purchase Order Transfer

1. Open the EDI Purchase Order Transfer window, having already selected your preferred schedule in “Scheduler”. 

2. The schedule will automatically be selected within the ‘Schedules from Selection with Inventory Items’

3. Select the Vendor you would like to raise the EDI Purchase Order for

4. The system will automatically select the items within the schedule that the selected vendor supplies

5. To select additional products, that haven’t been automatically selected tick the order checkbox.


6. Press the ‘Create PO from selected’ button to be transferred to the Purchase Order tab.


7. The vendor ID, Vendor name and the email address, will be automatically be added. Enter in any delivery instructions, a delivery date/time, a waste pick up date and waste delivery status, if necessary.

If the Delivery Date and Waste pick up Date are the same, you will need to tick the ‘Confirm Same Waste Pick Up Date’ check box.


8. In the Purchase Order Details table, make modifications to the items’ quantities if necessary.

9.  The preferred transfer and output formats will be automatically selected.

10. Click the Commit button to generate the EDI purchase order transfer form.

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