Troubleshooting - System can't determine Customer Status


Customer master data in the Elda system is stored in two locations. Project specific data is stored in Elda while all financial information is stored in your finance system and  read by the Elda system at set intervals.


When trying to use a customer the Elda system gives you the following error. "It could not be determined if the customer has been Schedule Locked by Accounts"



Typically this means that the customer has not been setup in your finance system correctly and not replicated across to the Elda system.


Please check the account has been setup correctly in the following order

  1. Customer Code - The customer code in your finance system needs to match the customer code in Elda.
  2. Schedule Stop - Make sure the customer is not on schedule lock.
  3. Manifest Stop - Make sure the customer is not on manifest lock.
  4. Credit Limit - Make sure the customer has a credit limit in your finance system.
  5. Credit Block - Make sure the customer is not on credit lock in your finance system.

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