Permissions Structure

Permission Key
  DashBoard Applets SA0058
    Sales Applet SA0059
    Production Applet SA0060
    News Applet SA0061
      Can post messages SA0062
  Can Issue Credits SA0064
  Can View Customer Pricing in Estimates EP003
  Accounts Archive ACCAR
    Can lodge banking SA0042
    Can Export Data SA0043
    Export to MYOB AC002
  Purchases S001
    Stock Purchases S002
      Can mark as delivered S005
      Can mark as un-delivered S006
      Can add new stock codes S007
      Can delete stock codes S008
      Can authorise purchases S009
      Can un-authorise purchases S010
      Can delete purchase orders S011
    Suppliers S012
    Stock Count S003
    Reports S004
Customer Information SA001A
  View Customer VC001
    Can view Customer pricing SA0012
    Can view Account Information SA0066
    Can view customer account information (Sch Button) SA0094
  Add Customer AC004
    Add Account Customer (Invoicer,Scheduler,ReoQuote) EP007
    Add Quote Customer (Estimates) EP001
  Edit Customer XX003
    Estimates Permissions XX004
      Can Edit Estimate Customers EP002
      Can Edit Customer Pricing in Estimates EP004
    Can Delete Customer Attachments XX005
    Can Override ABN verification ABN001
    Can modify Customer Pricing SA0011
    Can Edit Customer SA0029
    Can ammend account type AA0074
    Can Edit Customer Account information IC001
      Can Change Customer Name IC002
  Delete Customer DC001
  Can Manage Customer Contacts SA017
    Can Manage Contact Departments SA016
Administration A1
  Scanner Prestarts A1002
    Can Save Changes A003
    Can Create New Pre-Starts A004
    Can Print Pre-Starts A005
    Can Delete Prestart A006
  Delete Attachments A1003
  Login for Administrators A1004
  Sales Analysis Report SA0036
  SMS Application SMS001
    Can edit Users Phone Numbers SMS002
    Can edit Customers Phone Numbers SMS003
  TRC Application TRC01
    Can access TRC Application SA0092
    Can Change Site in TRC Application SA0093
  User Access A101
    Can See Debug Info on Remote Machines A002
    View user permissions only A007
    Can edit report groups A011
    Can copy default permissions A113
    Can give scheduling copy access via user access A114
    Can edit mass permissions A115
    Can change Mesh and Sundry Discounts A116
    Can give Est + Sch permissions A117
    Can view user password from inside user access A118
    Can modify user details A119
    Add User A102
    Modify User A103
    Delete User A104
  Company Parameters A105
  Product Maintenance A107
    Can access Service Rate Maintenance A008
      Can Add Rates A022
      Can Edit Rates A023
      Can Delete Rates A024
    Can Register Product Barcodes A009
    Can manage items unit of measure A010
    Can Create Shapes A108
    Can Create Pricelists A109
    Can Register Product Replacements A110
    Can register new product types A111
    Can create new products and edit products A112
      Can Activate and De-Activate Products A013
    Can register default stock bars A120
    Can Alter Price Matrix descriptions A121
      Can Reprice Job Schedules A025
        Can Manage Reprice Queue A026
  Admin Reports A106
Sales SA001
  Lost Sales Management SA061
    Delete Lost Sales SA062
  Can Authorise in Chrome SA078
  Estimates SA0034
    Can Create Estimate Variations SA035
      Can unlock estimate variation SA049
    Can Access Estimate Planning SA036
      Can Set Job Tonnages SA038
      Can Set Estimate Tonnages SA039
      Can Assign Prod Working Days SA040
        Can alter mesh Rebar ABPs SA081
    Can Change Tender Won Reason for Non Job Estimates SA041
    External User Limited Access SA042
      External User Can Add Customers SA045
      External User Can Access Pricing Model SA046
    Can Change Estimate Status on Locked Estimates SA043
    Can Print Expired Estimates SA044
    Can Mark Tasks Not Completed SA047
    Can Change Subject To Escalation SA048
    Can Copy Pricing SA051
    Can Access Yield Gain SA056
    Can generate value propositions SA070
      Can manage value propositions SA071
    Can Create Estimates SA087
    Can Close Other People Notes SA090
    Can access Pricing Models when Ready for Approval SA091
    Can Create Jobs from Estimates EP005
    Can Track Estimates EP006
    Can access Estimate System Parameters ESTPARA
      Can Modify Estimate Parameters ESTPARM
  ReoQuote SA0063
    Create Fast-Track schedules SA064
    Allow External user to view Internal Quotes REOQ001
    Can use POD Calculator SA065
      Can change POD Definitions SA066
    Allow Inactive Jobs SA067
    Manage Tender Lost Reasons & Winners SA095
  Whiteboard Viewer SA0073
  Updating System UP001
  Schedules SA002
    PST Reporting SA005
      Can Alter Reasons SA006
      Can Create PST Records SA007
    Can View Stock SA009
      Despatch Extra Information SA018
    Schedule Contract Invoicing SA010
      Can create new Invoices SA011
      Can issue Invoices SA012
      Can Lock Invoices SA013
      Can maintain contracts SA014
      Can Edit Values SA015
    Delivery Bookings SA008
    Can Import Files SA019
      Teckla Files SA020
    Follow Ups Manager SA063
    Pricing Request Authorisation SA076
      View checked requests only SA077
    Job Information SA0020
      Can Manage Job Addresses SA021
      Can Manage All Schedules SA022
        Can Manage Locked Schedules SA068
      Can Modify Service Rates SA023
      Can Change Term End Date SA024
        Can Change Expired Term End Date SA031
      Can Manage Job Extra Data Print Settings SA029
      Can mark Job Toll-Roll SA030
      Can Apply Job Defaults to Uninvoiced Schedules SA059
      Can Manage Job Drawings SA085
      Create New Job SA088
        Can Create Cash Jobs SA086
        Can Create Ordinary Jobs SA0026
      Can Manage Consumable Types SA105
      Can change Delivery Charge on Jobs SA106
      Can view Job pricing SA0024
        Can View Early Settlement Discounts SA025
        Can Change Job Price Matrix SA026
        Can Copy Pricing SA052
        Can Manage Delivery Price Matrix SA053
        Can Load Current Job Discounts in Job Pricing Revisions SA079
        Can Modify Locked Price Model Revision Start Date SA094
        Can Unlock Authorised Job Pricing Revisions SA097
        Can modify Job pricing SA0025
          Can Edit Job Stock Bar Setup SA027
          Can Discount Rebar SA028
          Can Edit Job Custom Rebar Rates SA089
          Can override Sundry Discount By-pass SA0070
        Can change default Galvanising Rate SA0088
        Can Discount Building Products SA0095
      Can do variations SA0027
      Can change expiry date SA0054
      Can change bar/mesh limits SA0055
      Can Manage Jobs JM001
        Can move job to another customer JM003
        Can change Job Type JM004
        Can Audit Job SA0078
        Can move Project Delivery Date SA0080
        Can view inactive jobs JA0001
        Can manage Job Activity JA0002
    Schedule Information SA0023
      Can Access EDI System SA0097
        Can Cancel EDI Reconciliation SA098
        Single Schedule EDI SA099
        Can Manage EDI Price Matrix SA100
        Can Integrate Purchase Orders SA101
          Can reset integration status SA104
        Can Change EDI Delivery Date on Exceeded Pods Daily Quota SA102
        Can Retry Integration of Purchase Orders SA103
      Can Alter Locked Cash Sale Payment SA034
      Can Set Schedule Price SA050
      Can Alter Online Shopping Cart Orders SA058
      Can Change Schedule Delivery Date if Tags Unprinted SA069
      Can Edit Residential Info SA080
      Can order stock or create PO batch for item SA082
      Can remove special PO items SA084
      Can Export Schedules SA092
      Can Import Schedules SA093
      Can Manage Schedule Event Types SA096
      Can view Schedule Pricing SA0030
        Can modify weight break delivery charge SA060
        Can change rebar price type SA083
        Can modify Schedule Pricing SA0084
      Can Factory Schedule SA0031
        Override Batch Factory Prompt SA032
        Can factory schedules with out of stock items SA033
        Can bypass payment checking SA072
        Can factory Schedule on closed production day SA0068
        Can send overlimit schedules to Factory SA0069
        Can send own over estimate schedules to Factory SA0075
        Can send any over estimate schedules to Factory SA0076
        Can Factory on Beta Versions of the Scheduler TU0001
      Can unlock schedules SA0033
        Can reset to Factory SA0047
        Can reset Bundle Tags SA0048
        Can reset Stock Assignment SA0049
        Can reset Manifest SA0050
        Can reset Delivery Dock SA0051
        Can reset Invoice SA0052
        Verbose Event Recording SA0083
      Can change Schedule Date SA0035
        Can change Locked Schedule Date SA037
      Can unconfirm delivery SA0056
      Can view all users deliveries SA0057
      Can Unlock Msheets SA0065
    Schedule Admin Features SAA001
      Can change Schedule Status (VEry controlled) SAA002
      Schedule Admin Button SCHAD
      Can use price summary rounding features SAA003
      Can maintain Fabrication Areas SAA004
        Can maintain element types SAA008
      Can Access Yield Gain SA057
      Can View Estimate Planning SAA005
      Can override bar length error SAA006
      Can Print Draft Production Tags SAA007
      Can issue reserved schedule SA0037
      Can change Schedulers Name SA0038
      Can Delete Schedule SA0046
      Can print Invoice from Unfactoried schedule SA0077
      Can Assign External Schedulers Jobs JM002
      Can Cancel Schedules SA0079
        Can uncancel Schedules SA0087
      Can apply default job pricing to schedule SA0081
      Can set up job for Override weight function SA0085
        Can use override weight function SA0086
      Can Export Locked Schedules SA0089
      Can view Mill Certificates SA0091
      Can edit tag colour on locked schedules SA0096
    General Schedule GENSCH
      Can change Quantities in Bar Grid GENSCH002
      Foam Products Visible GENSCH003
      Cash Sales button Visible SA0028
      Receives Account Warning Notes SA0032
  Trade Sales SA003
  Jobs SA004
  ReoCAD RC001
Production P001
  Scanner Analysis System P003
    Scanner P004
  Bundle Tags SA0045
    Bundle Tag Processing BTPRO
      Can stop item processing SA0071
      Can process queues BT010
    Bundle Tag Printing BTPRI
      Can print tags for invoiced items BTPRI002
      Can print Bundle Tags to screen SA0053
      Can print tags when items not balanced SA0082
      Can re-print tags BT011
    Mesh Production SA054
      Can edit Mesh Production SA055
    Can remove items from WIP Grid WIP001
    Can access Production Reporting BT004
    Advanced Production Parameters BT007
      Scanner Audit BT012
      Can process Machine Data BT013
      Can access stock control BT001
      Can access production Scheduling BT002
      Can access cut optimise BT003
      Can access machinery Properties BT005
      Can access Production Items BT006
      Can access Device Stock Areas BT008
      Can access Stock Warnings BT009
    Cut Optimiser SA0090
  Dispatch Scanner DS0001
    Can Bypass Employee Scan DS002
  Manifests M1
    Manifest Admin Functions ManAD
      Can Select Reason for Delivery Date Change M117
      Can adjust delivery limits ManAD002
      Manage Loading Bays ManAD003
      Delete Manifest Item Requests ManAD004
      Can lock or unlock manifest days SA0067
      Dispatch Functions SA0072
        Can Select Different Delivery Address SA073
          Can Add/Edit Delivery Address SA075
        Can Select Different Site Contact SA074
      Delete Manifest M104
      Rollback Manifest M106
        Rollback Completed Manifest M007
    Delivery Advice Sub System M123
      SMS System M124
        SMS Paramaters M119
          SMS Message Builder M120
          SMS Variable Builder M121
          SMS Account Definitions M122
        Can send SMS messages using system M125
      Email System M126
        Can Send Email Messages using system M127
      EDI System M024
        Can Modify EDI Paramaters M025
    Add Manifest M102
    Modify Manifest M103
    Print Manifest M105
    Delivery Dockets P002
      Can Delete Delivery Docket M107
      Can Process Scanned Delivery Dockets M108
    Driver Options M114
      Can access Deleted Drivers M118
      Can Manage Transport Types M015
      Can Manage Offloading Types M016
      Can Manage Loading Types M018
      Can Manage Customer Priority Windows M019
      Can add Trucks M109
      Can add Drivers M110
      Can delete Drivers M111
      Can save changes M112
      Can Edit Drivers M113
      Can add Freight Companies M0108
      Can delete Freight Companies M0109
    Can View Whiteboard M116
      Can view Stock Transfers M017
      Can alter Whiteboard Notes M115
  Small Batch Optimiser SBO001
    Can print tags for Cut Sheets SBO007
    Can print overloaded Cut Sheets SBO008
    Can view throughput control SBO002
    Can View Factory Map SBO003
    Can view manifests/Schedules forward SBO004
    Can print cut sheets SBO005
    Can run optimisations SBO006
    Can Access Cut Optimiser Parameters CUTPARA
    Can Modify Cut Optimiser Paramaters CUTPARM
Accounts AC001
  Stock Control GPS001
    Can Reset Error Emails GPS002
  Invoicer AC003
    Credits ACCCRE
      Can adjust return reasons CR004
      Can bulk print CR007
      Can bulk email approved credits ACCCRE002
      Can authorise zero value credits ACCCRE003
      Can authorise own credits ACCCRE004
      Can issue Credits CR002
      Credit Reviewer CR001
        Receives Approved Credits Report CR005
        Receives Credit Management Report CR006
      Can integrate completed credits CR003
    Invoices INVINV
      Invoice Unlock SA0039
      Can print invoices SA0044
    Can Make Payment Claims AC007
      Can Delete Payment Claims AC008
      Can Create Unrestricted Payment Claims AC009
    Can bank cash sale payments AC010
    Can Receive Payments SA0040
    Can View account summary SA0041
  Inventory Control S013
    Can Print Purchase Orders AC005
      Can Edit PO Ship To Addresses AC006
    Can View Mill Cert Data S018
    Can Access Sundry Planning S019
      Manage Vendor Supply Delay List S032
      Manage Vendor Pricing S033
    Can Print Tags S020
      Can Preview Tags S034
    Can Unlock Transfers S021
    Can administer Purchase Orders S023
      Can Create Purchase Orders S024
      Can Authorise Purchase Orders S025
      Can Integrate Purchase Orders S026
      Can Delete Purchase Orders S027
      Can Commit Purchase Orders S028
      Can Unlock Batches S029
      Can Print Purchase Orders S030
      Can Create General Purchase Orders S040
    Can Manage Consignment Stock S031
    Foam Block Production S035
      Can Manage Sheet Stock S036
      Can Assign Missing Lot Number S041
      Can include un-locked Schedules S042
      Can view Production Only S043
      Can Administer Foam Production S048
      Can reset Sheet Batches S049
    Can View Product Testing S037
      Can Edit Completed Tests S038
      Can Perform Product Tests S046
    Can Modify Site Groups S039
      Can Modify Admin Sites S045
    Can Adjust Supplied Quantity S050
    Receives Commit Notification S014
    Can Cancel Transfers S015
    Can Commit Transfers S016
      Can override low stock S022
      Can unlock delivered transfers S044
      Can set Delivered transfers as Completed S047
    Can Process Transfers S017
Report Module R001
  Can Customise Charts R005
  Can Modify Built In Reports R006
  Create New Reports R002
  Generate Reports R003
  Can modify Report Descriptions R004

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