Scan Delivery Barcode in Oova


The Scan Delivery Barcode feature allows you, as a driver, to store delivery information when Oova is in Offline Mode, while you're outside of the mobile network coverage area, to be uploaded once you return to network coverage.

PLEASE NOTE: When drop-off items are added to the delivery, the customer will be charged as an adjustment on the final invoice.

Steps to follow

  1. Log into Oova, using the Work Offline option within the Login Screen.
    See our article on Working in Offline Mode.

  2. Once logged in, navigate to the Menu icon in the top left hand corner.
  3. Select Scan Delivery Barcode from the menu shown.
  4. This will divert you to the camera function

  5. Using the camera function, hover over and scan the barcode of the delivery in which you are completing from the Run Sheet. Once the app has recognised the barcode a green line will appear.
    Run Sheet Preview

    Oova Barcode Scan Preview

  6. You will then be prompted to select whether the delivery was completed or not completed.

Delivery Completed while Offline

The process for marking a delivery as completed is the same as when logged into the Oova Network.  Please see our article on Marking a Delivery Run as Completed 

Delivery Not Completed while Offline

Selecting a delivery as not completed will prompt you to select a reason as to why the delivery wasn’t complete, add any comments if required and upload photos, the same as marking a delivery as not complete when logged into Oova normally.

Use the steps outlined in View Deliveries to view the Delivery Information for your current run.

  1. Within the Delivery Information Screen, select Not Delivered
  2. The app will prompt you to select a reason, from the pre-set options as to why the order wasn’t delivered.  
  3. To add any comments, tap within the comment text box
  4. The keyboard will appear, allowing you enter the required comments. Once entered select Done
  5. Then select Submit
  6. You will now be prompted to add any photos regarding the un-delivered order. If there are no photos to be added select Done
  7. Otherwise, to add any photos tap on the +
  8. You will be prompted to either select an imagine from the phone library or the divert to the camera.
    For the purpose of this article the instructions below will display the steps following the From Camera option being selected.

  9. This will divert you to the camera function.

  10. Once you have taken a photo, you can select to either retake or use the photo.

  11. Selecting Retake will divert you back to the camera function – Selecting Use Photo will prompt you to enter a description, once entered select ‘Yes’ to upload.

  12. Once uploaded, Oova will divert you back to the photos section, here you will be able to view the uploaded photos.

  13. Repeat adding any addition photos as required, otherwise select Done
  14. This will divert you back to the deliveries home page. The remaining deliveries for the day will load and the delivery in which you completed will now be marked as Uncompleted
  15. Once you have marked a delivery as either complete or not complete you will be diverted to back to view a list of deliveries actioned within the offline mode.

  16. Repeat steps 1 to 8 for any additional deliveries which need to be actioned using the offline mode.
  17. You will be prompted to log back into Oova once you have returned to an area with Network coverage.

  18. When you have logged into Oova, you will be notified once the scanned deliveries have been uploaded into the system.

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